The Best Time To Buy Everything, Best Solo Trips in 2016, 70% Off Boots & More

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  1. Hey, as a female traveler myself, I really enjoy your blog!! Keep up the good work. I do have a question regarding the how to get the additional miles I need to redeem an award ticket. I need to book an AA business award ticket, I have 51000 miles in the account which means I am 4000 miles short for that award ticket. To purchase 4000 miles at AA website, will cost me $118.00. To transfer 4000 miles from other account, will cost me $50.00. I don’t know which is a better deal. Please help me decide! Thanks!!!

    1. So everyone values their points a little differently, but here’s how I would approach it — are miles or money more of a constraint? If you’ll be earning more miles soon, just not in time for this trip, and cash is more of a premium, I’d pay to transfer the miles. If it’s harder to earn miles but spending a little more isn’t a big deal, then buy the miles for $118. And if it’s a wash either way, I think I’d go ahead and buy the miles since the price to transfer vs is buy is fairly close. it would be different if you were talking 20K miles. Hope that helps and thank you for reading!

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