2 Day Online Wine Sale: Up to 80% Off + $10 Credit

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I’ve seen some bottles as cheap as $8 and $9 in previous Last Bottle sales! Today and tomorrow, August 24-25, Last Bottle Wines is having an online wine marathon with no-minimum free shipping within the contiguous US.

Their Harvest Marathon Madness will feature hand picked bottles from wineries around the world at a substantial discount, in some cases 80% off. And if you’re new to Last Bottle you can sign up via my link and get $10 towards your first purchase of any amount. Which means if you do find a bottle for $10 during the sale, you’ll only pay tax since there’s no minimum for free shipping!

The thing that sets Last Bottle apart from the usual wine shop is they only offer one wine at a time. Once that wine sells out, they move on to another. So you really do have to keep your browser open and hit refresh whenever you think about it for a chance to score one of thousands of great wine deals.

Whether you’re looking for “everyday wines” at a bargain or good deals on expensive bottles, it’s worth paying attention to this sale. I’m frequent (probably too frequent) customer of Last Bottle and while I’ve liked everything I’ve ordered, there were a few I held off ordering because I didn’t want to buy the minimum amount for free shipping since I didn’t know if I’d like it. With the marathon, you can just buy one!

Also keep the holidays in mind — do you need interesting bottles as holiday or hostess gifts?

So, quick overview:

  1. One wine (but any number of bottles) for sale at a time, ranging from super inexpensive to collector items
  2. New members get $10 credit towards their first purchase (no minimum) via this link
  3. Wines can often sell out within minutes
  4. Free shipping within the lower 48
  5. All orders will be combined into one shipment which will take several weeks to coordinate

Going back to the “everyday wines” — if you’re looking for recommendations, jump on at least one bottle, maybe 12 of the following:

  • Head High red blend by Three Sticks — $13-$15 a bottle in the past
  • Uvaggio Vermentino — $9 a bottle
  • GR-174 Priorat — $12-$14 in the past
  • Particular Old Vine Garnacha — $8 for a half bottle
  • Accentor Garnacha — $10-$12 a bottle in the past

And just a heads up I may be slow to respond to comments today as I’m busy hitting refresh 😀

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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