[YMMV] Act Fast: Pay $9 Shipping, Get a Free PrintedVillage Scarf or Tote

a woman wearing a scarf

UPDATE: Some folks are still able to redeem the coupon code, others are reporting issues when they try to check out.

Via Design Hamptons, PrintedVillage.com & The Profit are running a special. Get any PrintedVillage scarf or tote bag in stock for free with code #THEPROFIT. You will need to pay $9 for shipping, which seems well worth it! This deal has been running last night so the promo code could max out at any point. If you’re interested, hurry!a woman wearing a scarf

I’m new to PrintedVillage, but I really like their designs which are both fun and beautiful. If you want a travel theme they still have an airplanes scarf in stock.

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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  1. I guess it’s done – I got the following messaage – “This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?”

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