Tuscany Trip Report: Iberia Business Class MAD-FLR

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My gate for the Madrid-Florence segment wound up being directly beneath the Iberia Business Class lounge, and funnily enough, though I’d had trouble connecting to the internet all 5 hours I was there, I had no problem staying connected by the gate.

Madrid Airport Iberia MAD-FLR

Boarding was a little chaotic, made worse by the fact one passenger had allowed his dog to pee on the floor while walking by and never cleaned it up, but we eventually got on board.

It was standard European business class – a 3-3 configuration with the middle seats blocked off. I had a window seat and went a little nuts photographing the scenery. 🙂

Iberia Madrid scenery

They fed us on the hour and a half flight, even providing a menu. I chose the veal burger over the cheese and apple stuffed pasta. Iberia MAD-FLR Business Class MenuNot too bad! It came with a salad topped with dry fruit and fennel, cheese, and a very dry raspberry sponge cake.

Iberia MAD-FLR veal burger lunch

A short and uneventful flight, with pretty views as we followed the coast down to Florence.

Iberia MAD-FLR coastline

Florence airport itself is pretty tiny and within a few minutes of landing I had bypassed baggage claim, found an ATM and headed to the taxi stand at the far right of arrivals.

Downtown Florence is a flat 20 euro fee and it only took about 20 minutes to get to the Westin Excelsior Florence.

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