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Tuscany Trip Report: Iberia Lounge Madrid

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At 6 in the morning Madrid immigration was completely empty and I sailed through in a few minutes and took the train from T4S to the main Terminal 4 in search of the Iberia lounge and a shower.

I appreciated the signage and rather wish US tram stations did the same!Madrid Aiport Tram TS4-T4

Madrid Aiport Tram TS4-T4 floor signage

Coming up from the train I spotted a Sala lounge sign pointing to the left and I headed to the end of the hallway only to discover I’d found the wrong lounge.

Madrid Airport T4 lounge sala signage

Madrid Airport T4 lounge sala La Revoltosa

Oops. Apparently I should have taken a slight right when I came off the train to the elevator, but hard to know since all the lounges are called “Sala VIP”.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge elevator

One floor up and you arrive right in the midst of security, with the Iberia SalaDali across the way.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge entrance

The first thing I wanted was a hot shower so I got the key to one of their Melia Hotel branded shower rooms and squeezed in.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge shower melia hotels

It was clean but very narrow and had only basic amenities – shower cap, shampoo, and conditioner. No soap, not even body lotion. I made do just fine, was happy to have access to a shower, but not not a luxurious representation of Melia hotels. 🙂

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge melia hotel shower amenities

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge shower heads

When I emerged the lounge had already begun to fill up for the morning. It is a fairly large space with multiple sections, including a water fountain, sleeping room, TV area, and coffee bar seating with lots of power outlets.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge beverage center

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge power outlet seating


There were two main food sections on either side of the lounge desk with another beverage center (with snack items food options).
Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge breakfast offerings

There were the usual cold breakfast items – yogurts, pastries, and muffins, as well as “all day” offerings – hagan daaz ice cream, olives, crackers, etc.

There was also an impressive self-serve wine bar that was set up around 10AM.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge wine bar

I tried out the sleeping room for an hour or two as soon as one of the 5 futon/beds opened up. Not super private, but quiet and dark and good for dozing.

What I loved most was the Madrid airport ceiling (which you don’t need to be in the lounge to enjoy) which gives a feel of spaciousness and of being in a modern art museum.

Madrid Airport T4 Iberia saladali lounge ceiling

My one complaint about the lounge was the poor internet access. The signal would periodically disappear with no warning and only near the central eating areas could you get a strong enough signal to pull up websites and get work done.

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