Narita Airport Lounge Review: Qantas Business

a bottle and glasses on a shelf

Coming home from my weekend in Bangkok, I’d originally just planned to hang out again in the JAL Sakura First Class Lounge during my hour and a half layover in Narita. But when I exited transit security in Terminal 2 and saw the Qantas Business Class Lounge just a few yards away, I decided to check it out.

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How’d I get into the Qantas Business Lounge?

I was eligible for Qantas lounge access two ways:

  • As a oneworld Emerald (Sapphires too)
  • As a business class passenger departing on an international oneworld flight

At 4:30PM on a Monday I pretty much had the lounge to myself and it was so spacious that the few of us in there had entire sections to ourselves. I dug the walls of windows looking out on the tarmac.

a room with a few chairs and a table

a room with chairs and tables

a large white airplane on a runway
view from the lounge windows

a room with chairs and tables

The food and beverage sections were scattered throughout the lounge. When you first walk in there’s a long counter on the left with very light snacks as well as coffee, soda, and sake.

a coffee machine in a restaurant
Snacks and drinks

a bottle and glasses on a shelf

a refrigerator full of drinks and glasses
Sake options
a buffet line with food on it
sparse snack options
a two coffee machines on a counter
Beer machines

If you were looking for the wine (which I’m always curious about) or liquor selection, you’d want to walk through snack section and head towards the end of the lounge til you see it on the left. Decent options but nothing exciting.

a room with chairs and tables and computers
Workstation area

a white counter with a variety of wine glasses and a coffee machine

a group of bottles in a sink
Wine selection
a room with chairs and tables
Seating near the workstations

The bathroom was pretty utilitarian.
a bathroom with sinks and mirrors

The quiet was nice, but after about 15 minutes I decided to head upstairs to the 3rd floor and spend the rest of the time in the JAL First Class Lounge which, as one would hope of a first class lounge, had much better food and wine options.

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