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Fine Wines at a Beach Bookstore?

a chalkboard with a sign on a wall

Who knew!? It turns out I needed to visit a bookstore in a tiny town on the North Carolina coast to find one of my favorite wines.  When I was visiting friends last month near Wilmington, they told me about a local bookstore that also boasted Topsail Beach’s one “wine bar†and a Master Sommelier. I was intrigued, so I called Quarter Moon Books (708 S Anderson Blvd, Topsail Beach, NC) to find out more about it.a patio with chairs and tables

The wine bar was officially only open on Fridays & Saturdays evenings, and this was a Tuesday. They closed at 4 and I was leaving the next day. But the awesome lady I was talking to, I think it was Lori the owner, generously offered to pour us a glass whenever. It was already 3, so we went in a hurry.

a room with chairs and books on shelvesI loved it. Bookstore/giftshop/cafe/wine bar. An entrepreneurial place wearing a lot of hats in the small town of Topsail Beach in order to survive. Even came complete with a resident kitty. The non-chain bookstores I’ve loved best have always had a pet roaming the stacks. 🙂

a cat lying on the floor

The wine bar was not kitschy like I’d expected. It was beautiful and comfortable. a room with a table and chairs and a table with wine bottles

a display case of bottlesAnd the wine list!! Inspired selections at genuinely good prices. A lot of times even the places with more unique offerings all  seem to have the same distributor, this eclectic mix was a first.a list of wine in different languages

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And then I lost my mind a little bit. They had sparkling Malbec Rose as an option. And it was on sale by the bottle at 30% off!!two glasses of wine on a table

I can almost never find sparkling Malbec in the DC area and when I do, it’s priced quite rare.

Plans to enjoy a glass became sharing a bottle, and the owner was sweet and let us hang out at the wine sipping while she cleaned and wrapped things up for the night.a chalkboard with a sign on a wall

In addition to live music on the weekends they also do special wine tastings, which I can only imagine how great those are. If you find yourself in the area and love wine, this place is not to be missed! They also sell wine to-go, so this is a much better option than any of the grocery stores in the area.

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