Snow Leaves Passengers Stuck on Planes Overnight & More

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Highlights and headlines from around the web:

Snowed in: some passengers on international flights arriving at JFK Saturday night wound up having to spend the night on the plane. Thanks to the snowfall, only one terminal was operational that night with limited staff, leading to long delays deplaning.

The last direct flight from Belfast to the USA took off yesterday.

British Airways has teamed up with Liberty London for their new First Class Amenity kits. Passengers on Heathrow-Los Angeles flights will are already getting these nifty bags, with the rest of the network seeing them rolled out throughout the spring.british-airways-liberty-london-amenity-kit

The Pioneer Cabin tree, a redwood famous for the tunnel carved in its base, collapsed during the recent California storms. (Not to be confused with the more famous Wawona Tree in Yosemite that also fell during a storm in 1969.)

The redwood in happier days

The redwood in happier days

My award redemption at the Niagara Falls Four Points this summer got a shout out in the most recent issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

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