The New Sao Paulo Admirals Club Is Almost Ready To Reopen!

a sign on a wall

It looks like the Sao Paulo Admirals Club in Terminal 3 is almost ready to open! When I went by at the beginning of September it was still very much under construction.

a sign on a wall

But tonight it looked almost ready for guests.

a man standing in front of a glass door

a sign on a wall

I wasn’t able to pop in for a look inside but here’s what I glimpsed peering (creepily) in through the wall of windows. 🙂

a room with a glass wall

I have no idea what the old lounge was like but this looks pretty spiffy!

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  1. Have to say your title is pretty misleading. Normally when I see posts on BoardingArea / travel blogs about lounge “sneak peaks” it is when the blogger has actually been INSIDE the lounge – not taking pictures from the outside.

    I have been in the old club so I can comment that it DOES look nicer then before. Not sure what information you are trying to convey with a few pictures of the outside of the club plus never having even been to the old one to begin with…


  2. Thanks for the update. I was just in GRU two weeks ago and tried to get an update on the opening of the new club. At least judging from the photos it’s very close. I wish American could provide a simple update like this so that people can plan ahead as I am due to return soon.

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