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Upgrades to the Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok

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Tech upgrades aren’t really news since the changes were around for most of last year, but if you haven’t visited the Thai Airways First Class Lounge in Bangkok in awhile you might find it interesting. It’s no secret this is one of my favorite lounges, so much so I go to great lengths to only fly Thai out of BKK.

It’s by no means the best first class lounge in the world, but it’s quite good and I always love the spa experience and the service. Including the over-the-top cart ride through the business class lounge so you don’t have to walk.

Thai First Class Lounge Bangkok Cart

On my visit last year I noticed that the lounge (which you can view via Google Street View) had started to go a little more high tech. Gone were the traditional food menus, replaced with tablets featuring pictures.

Thai First Class Lounge Bangkok tablet menu

Thai First Class Lounge Bangkok food picture

Thai Airways flight attendants had similiar tablets to take your order in-flight.

And internet now requires a password. Interesting since there really weren’t many places outside the lounge where the signal was strong enough to use.

Thai First Class Lounge Bangkok internet access

It also seemed like some of the furnishings had been updated and modernized a bit. Nothing major, but was interesting to note. I mostly care about the free hour long massages in the spa.

Thai First Class Lounge Bangkok new seating

First time visiting the Thai Airways First Class Lounge in Bangkok? Check out my beginner’s guide.


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