Trip Report: Koh Samui to Bangkok in Thai Biz Class

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I’ve never regretted buying business class. I don’t do it very often and the relief I felt when checking in for the Koh Samui to Bangkok flight made it entirely worth it.  Months before I’d dithered about whether a $60 difference in price was worth it just to fly in business class for an hour.

In the end I decided it was, not necessarily for the bigger seat during the flight, but for the amenities and service we’d get on the ground. I’d lost Star Alliance Gold Status earlier in the year, so we wouldn’t qualify for lounge access and it’s always nice to have the extra free luggage and overage just in case I fell in love with some giant stone carving that I just had to haul back with me.

Koh Samui Airport USM Thai Airways Check In

So, checking in at the Royal Silk desk was a much more relaxing experience than our Firefly flight to Koh Samui. We bypassed the Economy line that was 30 people deep and only had to wait a few minutes before our bags were tagged with the magic Royal Silk and orange priority tags and we were handed invitations to the Bangkok Airways Lounge.

Koh Samui Airport Thai Airways Lounge Invitation

Heading towards our gate we had the option of an outdoor stroll or a complimentary cart.

Koh Samui Airport USM gate sign

Koh Samui Airport USM shuttle to gates

Had we known it was quite as long as it was, we probably would have taken the cart. But then we would have missed out on the full experience of the Disney Main Street meets shopping ghost town.

Koh Samui Airport USM shopping area

Koh Samui Airport USM walkway to gates

Security wasn’t a problem, we made it through in a few minutes, and the gate area reminded me a lot of Hawaiian airports but even more open air. They looked rather like a series of connected mahogany wood huts interspersed with high end shops (which were closed at the time).

Koh Samui Airport USM gates

There was even, a strange concept, a “lounge” open to everyone with basic sandwiches and snacks.

Koh Samui Airport bangkok airways boutique lounge USM

There was also a kitsch lounge perfect for pictures…

Koh Samui Airport kitsch lounge

The gate was extremely crowded, even an hour before boarding, and there were enough birds flying around to trigger some fears first started by Alfred Hitchcock, so I was excited to head to the Bangkok Airways lounge.

Koh Samui Airport Blue Ribbon Lounge Bangkok Airways

Which was a wicker wonderland complete with giant bear!

Koh Samui Airport Blue Ribbon Lounge Bangkok Airways Seating

Koh Samui Airport bangkok airways lounge USM
Koh Samui Airport bangkok airways lounge USM food

Koh Samui Airport bangkok airways lounge USM food selection

The food spread was basic, but you could order specials from the attendants which wound up being shrimp wonton soup (pretty good).

Koh Samui Airport bangkok airways lounge USM shrimp wonton

When the time came, boarding was a hectic process with the only benefit to being in business class was squeezing into the festive trolley first.

Koh Samui Airport shuttle to plane

Koh Samui Airport tram to plane

The seats were old business glass without much leg room, but our flight time was less than an hour so it didn’t matter at all.

Thai Airways old business class usm-bkk

Thai Airways business class leg room usm-bkk

We had the usual welcome drink options, I chose lemon tea, and a cold cloth, quite welcome after the trolley.

Thai Airways  business class welcome drink usm-bkk

They even managed to serve us a light breakfast of some kind of beef crepe-like thing.

Thai Airways business class usm-bkk breakfast

By the time we landed in Bangkok we were back to being relaxed and ready to scope out the recently rennovated Grand Hyatt Erawan.

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