Race to the International Business Lounge Shower in Moscow + General Impressions

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Having benefited from the warnings of others who had come through the International Business Lounge before me, I was aware there was only one shower available in the lounge. So I managed to be the second person off the plane and was speedily heeling it to the transfer desk. There I ran into trouble because I lost site of the guy in front of me, and started looking at all the signs trying to figure out where to go.

I eventually wound up at one of the transfer desks to ask. Apparently I should have turned a sharp left right off the escalators to go through security and my 50yd detour had cost me a couple of places in line. I managed to move up a little in the potential lounge line by being speedy in security and arrived as the 3 business/first class passenger.

The first guy apparently didn’t want a shower and I was able to check in at the front desk simultaneously with the second guy. I immediately asked them about the shower and they gave me a towel and amenity kit and told me to take the first left. As I was leaving I heard the guy also ask about a shower. Phew.

This shower room was very basic and tiny, and reminded me a lot of the Turkish Airlines First Class shower in Instanbul, although at least there fewer people were competing for them.

International Business Lounge Moscow Shower Room KA

International Business Lounge Moscow Shower

The “amenity kit” was very very basic. My razor had no markings, but a strip of cardboard torn off a Gillette package had been included.

International Business Lounge Moscow Amenity Kit

Since time was limited and I felt bad for any of the other passengers who were trying to squeeze in a shower after me, I decided not to take the time to wash, and then dry, my hair.

I think I was actually pretty speedy, but the door kept getting rattled by folks trying to get in every couple of minutes which unnerved me. “What if the lock slipped?” And then I’d be on display in the tiny clear glass shower. I’ll admit, I was rather irritated when I got out of the shower room to see that the only people waiting were the two men who’d been behind me originally and had to know that it was the only room and I was in there…

I wasn’t hungry and was pretty tired at this point, so I grabbed a water (guessed wrong and got sparkling) and decided to forgo pictures at this point, figuring I could get some on the way back. The lounge was basic with lots of rows of wicker seating.

The food presentations were actually fairly diverse, they just didn’t look appetizing after my huge meals on the plane. They also had two food areas, the one major one which had a seating area and beverages, and then a smaller section immediately outside it which offered a limited selection of snacks.

International Business Lounge Moscow Desserts

International Business Lounge Moscow Hot offerings

International Business Lounge Moscow Sandwiches

The lounge wasn’t very interesting to me, but the rest of my limited time in Moscow was! From the moment we broke through the low-hanging clouds on our descent, my face was pretty much glued to the window.

We’d landed at 2PM and the sky was a sullen gray. There was tons of snow everywhere and even the newer buildings looked like they were from the 1960s. It was exactly like I’d pictured it!!
Moscow DME landing

Moscow DME landing surrounding sites

DME Moscow Airport
I was fascinated by the various airlines I’d never seen before.

DME Uzbekistan Airlines

I was fascinated by plane graveyard others had mentioned – with aircraft parked out in the snow, missing doors, windows, and other parts.

Moscow DME fire training

I was amused by the airport signage and use of apostrophes. Is it really the Austrian Airlines airline lounge or one just faked to look like it?? 🙂

Moscow Airline Lounge Sign
I enjoyed getting to see the training areas and the mystery of two unmarked aircraft parked in the snow ¼ mile off the runaway but which had a team of people working to clear them off and out.

Moscow DME mystery activities

At some point I hope to actually visit Russia, but for now this first introduction was pretty exciting.

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