3 Days In Singapore: A Visit to the Private Room Lounge at SIN

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We made it back from the Singapore Night Safari only 30 minutes later than scheduled (despite a cab queue an hour long) and I was soon slinging things into my suitcase and hustling out of our awesome Hyatt Suite to catch a cab to the airport.

Even leaving at 11:30PM, I still had plenty of time to catch my 2AM flight, but I wanted time to check out Singapore Airline’s First Class lounge. Unfortunately I was so anxious from having rushed from the zoo that the first part of my arrival was a bit of a blur (and obviously no pictures).

The cab pulled up in front of a discrete entrance just for Singapore Airlines First Class. It wasn’t quite the opulence of Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfort, but it was definitely a step up from the busyness of Thai Airline’s First Class doors in Bangkok.

From there I was escorted in and seated at a desk with an agent (Thai has the whole seating you somewhere with tea & cool towels and disappearing with your passport to reappear with your tickets advantage). After fumbling finding my passport they had me checked in in about 2 minutes.

Still dazed I followed their directions to immigration and security. Emerging to find it was a dedicated, delightfully empty, First Class line.

Singapore Air First Class Immigration

I was through in minutes. And then stopped to gather myself and look at the invitation to Singapore Airlines’ The Private Room Lounge. 🙂 The Private Room is within the First Class Lounge and only for passengers flying in Singapore Airlines First Class.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Invitation

Private Room Invitation Singapore Airport

Singapore Airport Lounge

I made my way through the Business Class Lounge, through the First Class Lounge, finally arriving at The Private Room.

I was escorted to a seat in the lounge, and then presented with a menu. I chose satay and dim sum, and they came to get me when it was ready. I’d assumed they’d bring it to my chair, but instead I was brought to the dining room to dine.




It was a great over-the-top experience, although the satay at the Hawker stall was better 🙂

Once done I checked out the bathroom and tried to fix my hair which was crazy from the humidty and rushing.


Singapore Air Private Room Bathroom

Back at my seat I decided I did want a glass of champagne and they quickly brought it and there I had an awesome surprise! I was getting to try Grande Dame for the first time!


It is tasty, tho Dom is still my favorite, and perhaps Krug was still ahead by a hair. At this point I realized they were already boarding my flight so I hurriedly tossed down half of it and headed to the gate.

I am SOOO excited I got to check out the Private Room and I hope to return again soon. That said, the First Class Terminal in Frankfort and the Thai First Class Lounge/Spa in Bangkok still trump.

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