3 Days In Singapore: Singapore Airlines First Class Houston to Moscow

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Shortly after I arrived at the gate, one of the Singapore Airline reps started checking passports and tickets to speed up boarding when it started. He was nice enough to encourage me to move right up to the rope if I didn’t want to sit while I waited, because the line for first/business class boarding often became chaotic and business class wait for first class to board.

We chatted about Singapore and travel in general while I was waiting, which made the time pass faster, and also apparently discouraged anyone from crowding up around me.

They finally started boarding and as I headed down the jetway I was screened by a cute drug dog that I was dying to pet or at least photograph, but got the impression that wouldn’t go over very well. 🙂

Singapore Airlines SQ61 IAH-Moscow

Once on board the plane, the flight attendants took my luggage and escorted me to my seat, giving me time to settle in before they started bringing out amenities and beverages.

I liked the seat but wasn’t overwhelmed by it.

Copy of SAM_1638
They were the doorless suites, which I love for privacy, with leather seats. The seat controls were basic – none of the nuanced adjustments or massage functionality that other airlines offer. There was both a USB and 110V outlet.

There were no overhead bins or mini-closets, but the space under seat was impressively large enough to hold both my suitcase and my stuffed laptop bag.Copy of SAM_1642

Singapore Airline Seats
I most loved the seat width, and the handy leather pillow that could serve as an armrest since the seats were deliciously wide, and the entertainment system which boasted a huge screen and an extensive library of music, TV, and movies. In fact, I think only Cathay’s selection can beat it.

Singapore Airline Entertainment System

Downsides – I missed all the little handy pockets and compartments to store your camera, bottled water, eyeglasses, etc other suites offer (it did have some).

After I’d settled in they were kind enough to offer to take pictures for me before handing out the amenities.

keri in singapore first IAH-DME

First up were the designer pajamas, Givenchy. I wasn’t sure which size would be best – in Lufthansa’s I need a large or XL, on Cathay I’m fine in a medium – and the flight attendant suggested medium.

Singapore Airlines First Class Givenchy Pajamas
Next up was my amenity kit, featuring Kiehl’s.
Sinagpore Airlines First Class Amenity

Singapore Airlines Kiehl's Amenities
And FINALLY (which felt long only because I’d been waiting months for this moment) they offered me a pre-departure beverage. I chose champagne, inquiring if it was Dom or Krug. He ran back to inquire — It was Dom — <phew> and I quickly asked what year. He double checked and it was ’03. Bummer.

2003 Dom Perignon on Singapore Airlines First Class

I’m relieved to report that ’03 is much better than when I had it last year, but it’s still not up to the loveliness of the ’02 or ’00. I’m afraid I came off as a little pretentious when I asked the year, but I hope the way my face fell at his response probably signaled a deeper interest.

The other flight attendant came by with business magazines which I declined and shortly returned with the two fashion magazines they had on board. I wasn’t particularly interested in those either, but she’d been so sweet to think of me that I didn’t want to refuse.

Next were slippers, socks, and an eye mask. They came by to take my dinner order and I managed to “choke” down a glass or two of ‘03Dom before takeoff, and that’s when the fun began!

As soon as we hit our cruising altitude they were back out in the cabin with another glass of Dom for me. Then a hot towel, which was luke warm but still refreshing, and a dish of caramelized pecans and salted cashews.
03 Dom and nuts on Singapore Airlines First

Sinagpore Airlines First Class hot towel
Then they started serving dinner.

Copy of SAM_1651

Copy of SAM_1652

Copy of SAM_1653

Copy of SAM_1654

I opted for the Cauliflower panna cotta with smoked salmon, lemon oil and caviar as my appetizer. The caviar and salmon was good, but there was a lot of panna cotta which wound up being too much cauliflower taste.

Copy of SAM_1670

cauliflower panna cotta with smoked salmon and caviar sinagpore first


Next up was the Spicy pork rib soup with Guajillo chili and vegetables. This was amazing and I enjoyed every drop!

singapore first class spicy pork rib soup

After the soup was a fairly insipid frisee and radicchio salad with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese, and semi dried cherry. It sounded good in theory but the texture was off and there wasn’t enough balance of flavors.

I’d succumbed to the attendant’s suggestion and ordered entirely off the Chef’s recommendations, choosing the seared lamb loin with jus, crushed pea with mint, and olive oil mashed potato. It tasted fine, but I found myself wishing I’d tried the butter chicken or beef fillet.

Singapore First Class seared lamb loin with jus

Dessert was the absolute highlight! I chose the blueberry coffee cake with candied lemon and yoghurt ice cream which was served with a fun display of dry ice and tasted amazing!

Singapore Airlines First Class  blueberry coffee cake

Over dinner I watched Taken 2 and then Argo. Not bad choices, but perhaps not the best way to begin one’s international trip when traveling alone…

After dinner I went into the bathroom to change. These are definitely some of my favorite bathrooms. I’ve been in bathrooms that have windows, others that have fancy sinks, but never one that had so much mirror.


Singapore Airlines First Class Bathroom lighting

And rather than being creeped out by the vision of my travel-worn self everywhere, I liked the spacious feeling they gave. The lighting was also warm vs the usual cold gray cast on everything. And of course Ferragamo lotion and perfume doesn’t hurt either.
Singapore Airlines First Class Bathroom

The bathroom also cleared up the confusion I had about amenities I’d assumed my kit would have and didn’t see on my first visit to the restroom (clearly I’m still not use to flying the nicer airlines) – a toothbrush and comb. I finally noticed the little drawer, which yielded everything, within reason, that you could want.

Singapore Airlines First Class Bathroom Amenities Drawer

When I got back I asked them to make up my bed, and I climbed in. Since the cabin was mostly empty, they offered to make up the seat across the aisle for me instead if I wished, but I decided I’d rather be near my computer, etc in case I couldn’t sleep. The bed was fairly comfortable, but I did have trouble sleeping more than 2-3 hours and eventually just started watching movies and working on my laptop.

Singapore Airlines First Class Bed Old Seats


I was tempted to sample the snack menu but was still pretty full from dinner.

Singapore First IAH-DME snack menu

They started breakfast about 2 hours before we landed in Moscow. The cabin only had 3 people in it, but I scurried into the bathroom to change before they started serving us.

Breakfast started off with fresh squeezed juice and an array of entree options.

Singapore Airlines First Class Breakfast Menu


Singapore Airlines First Class breakfast fruit plate IAH-DME


I ordered some tea and was super excited to see they served my favorite, TWG!!

Singapore First Class TWG tea

After the fruit plate I went with the fruit yoghurt.

Singapore First Class Breakfast Fruit Yoghurt IAH-DME


I was tempted by the “fresh eggs prepared on-board” but decided to go with the braised local noodles with beef, mushrooms, and leafy greens. I was expecting a soup, but it was still pretty good.

Singapore First Class Breakfast braised beef noodles

While I was eating breakfast I got to look out the window at the Norwegian landscape.

Norwegian scenery

The landing was fairly uneventful, other than the fact we were landing in Moscow in the winter!!! (more on that later)

Copy of DSC04118

The minute the seat belt sign went off, I got ready to sprint to the lounge to make use of the one shower before we reboarded.

Next post: Race to Shower in Moscow

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