3 Days in Singapore: DKE-SIN in Singapore Airlines First Class

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Having showered and sipped some water in the lounge, I decided to head to my gate the minute the boarding call flashed on the screen. I arrived after first/business class was boarding, so I was able to walk right on and settle in.

The new crew came by and introduced themselves, bringing me new pajamas and a glass of Dom which I enjoyed sipping as I gazed rapturously out the window at the Moscow Airport sights.

DME-SIN Dom takeoff

Typically you only get an amenity kit on the first Singapore Airlines segment but I loved the Kiehl’s products so much I indulged in a little subterfuge and asked for another one if they happened to have extra. They very kindly obliged.

The first class cabin on this leg was nearly full with 6 of the 8 seats occupied, but the service was very attentive. Attentive but anxious. I never quite felt like I connected with this crew — they were always scanning my area with a stressed look, probably just because they wanted to get it right, but it didn’t create a feeling of ease on my part. But it was still good service, and right before takeoff they brought me a blanket in case my bare legs got cold. 🙂

dme-sin blanket

The towels on the first flight were consistently lukewarm — these towels were always beautifully hot and plentiful. I settled in to watch a movie and after a longer delay due to turbulance, they started dinner service. I was much more excited about my options on this flight and decided to veer from the chef recommended menu and try what appealed most.

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner menu

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner menu 1

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner dessert menu

I had heard worrisome things from other trip reports about mediocre catering out of Moscow, but I actually thought this food had mostly better flavor than the flight from Houston, except for breakfast.

Dinner started with really hot crispy garlic bread (also an improvement from the previous flight).

DME-SIN SQ First Excellent Garlic Bread

For my appetizer I picked the warm crab cake with mesclun and barbecue sauce. Quite enjoyable!

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner Crab Cake

Next was the oriental clear chicken broth with spinach which was simple but had incredible flavor.

DME-SIN SQ First dinner oriental clear chicken broth

The salad was the same endive and radicchio salad with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese and cranberries that I’d had on the previous flight. This was was a little better mixed and not so heavy on the radicchio.

DME-SIN SQ First dinner endive radicchio pumpkin salad

For my main entree I chose the seared lamb kebab with herb tomato sauce, broccolini, grilled zucchini, onion, and bell pepper. The lamb had a great flavor and I really liked the chopped veggies.

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner Seared Lamb Kebab


From there I moved on to what was the highlight of the entire meal, and that’s particularly amazing since I’m not a big dessert person. I chose the Coupe Venus — vanilla ice cream with peaches and strawberry sauce. Oh my goodness this was tasty!!!

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner dessert coupe venus


I finished up with a cup of decaf coffee and they brought by some gourmet chocolate with a Kris personalization.

DME-SIN SQ First After Dinner Decaf Coffee

DME-SIN SQ First Dinner Kris Chocolates


After all that food, I was ready to climb into my pajamas and have them make up my seat (it’s still cool to me that an airline seat can look like that 🙂 ).

DME-SIN ready for bed

I slept for a few hours, but somehow woke up hungry so I decided to check out the snack menu.

DME-SIN SQ First Snack Menu

The noodles in chicken broth sounded great! Unfortunately it was turbulent when I woke up so they couldn’t serve hot beverages or soup, but as soon as it calmed down 40 minutes later I ordered the egg noodles with mushroom and chinese greens.

It arrived shortly after. Ramen noodles. Hmmm, not quite what I’d expected, but was still a light snack — good because breakfast was now only 2 hours away.

DME-SIN SQ First Snack Noodles

I tackled some emails in my inbox and watched some episodes of Bones. And then it was time to order breakfast! First was the orange juice, which did not taste freshly squeezed like the Houston flight.

DME-SIN SQ First breakfast menu

The fruit plate was fine, but was starting to hint at the limitations of the Moscow catering. That said though, the croissant was magnificent!

DME-SIN fresh fruit breakfast

DME-SIN amazing croissant

Next up was the fruit yogurt, which I did not enjoy. It was plain yogurt with hard little knots of dried fruit, which didn’t quite suit my pie-filling fruit accustomed tongue.

DME-SIN fruit yogurt

As the main course I went with the Russian blintzes with ricotta cheese, fruit compote and honey, which were good, although not as awesome as the presentation.

DME-SIN blintzes

I had a few more cups of my favorite TWG tea, and then got ready for landing. The flight into Singapore early in the morning was really cool to see — all the little islands were lit up with lights along the coast — but was really hard to photograph.

I was one of the first off the plane, and was slightly concerned about going through customs/immigration since the only other time I’d been to Singapore I’d been treated to the VIP pick up service that whisked me through the terminal to the special security and immigration. So I quickly made friends with one of my fellow Singaporean resident first class passengers asking if I could follow him to immigration.

It wound up terribly easy to find, but I at least enjoyed a good conversation as we rushed through the terminal and got some tips on the Chinese New Year. Our flight got in an hour early, but my driver from the Hyatt was waiting for me. He took me down a level to wait while he fetched the car.

I love the Singapore airport — it’s all glass and steel and flowers and has fun things like the sloping escalator which is called a travelator.

Singapore Airport DME Arrival

Singapore Airport Travelator

In a few minutes the awesome car had picked up and we were rapidly making our way to the Hyatt.

Singapore Airport Hyatt Car Service

Were they going to let me check in early, much less before 6AM??

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