United’s Choose Your Reward Car Rental Promo Worth Looking Into

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So I’ve just got done talking about how I’m giving up Avis and going with National, but I’m not above making a few reservations before my status goes away to see if it will “stick” on the future reservation. And since this weekend is the last weekend of status and Avis was pricing out a little cheaper than National, I decided to have one last hurrah.

Cars were pricing out at $150, so I decided it was worth saving $50 to catch the complimentary hotel shuttle for my my nearby overnight and then catch it back to the airport to get my car in order to make the reservation 2 days instead of 3.

It was only chance that I happened to click on the United Tweet about choosing your reward for renting from Avis. On a lark I checked the prices for this weekend, before I even really looked into the promo. It was coming up at $58, 40% less than my current reservation. Huh!? I figured all the rates must have dropped last minute, so I logged into my Avis account to modify my reservation since I thought 7500 Club Carlson points might be worth more than 1,000 United miles or a $15 United travel voucher.

United Choose Your Reward Avis Hertz Rentals

My Avis reservation was still coming up at $100. Ok, so now I’d clearly be going through United to book my award, it just became a matter of whether the miles or the travel voucher was worth it. And, since a 3 day rental was pricing at $87 instead of $150, was the extra 375 miles or $5 I could pick up for the extra day worth spending $30 for.

I ultimately decided making my life easier and netting the 375 miles was worth $30 since I was still paying $13 less than I assumed. And on fire with the thought of saving 40% off rentals I tried pricing an upcoming reservation for May. That came in at the same price as the Avis website, so no huge win there.

So it seems like personal results may vary by airport and dates, but definitely worth checking out in case you get lucky like I did!


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