United Bringing Back Free Snacks in Economy

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United Airlines just announced they’ll start serving complimentary snacks in February 2016 for economy class passengers on North and Latin American flights. They still won’t be at JetBlue levels of snacking, but anything is an improvement.

On afternoon and evening flights you’ll munch on a savory mix with either an Asian or zesty ranch vibe. On morning flights, you’ll enjoy a stroopwafel pastry, which is a little bit of caramel heaven between crisp wafers. We recommend warming the pastry on your coffee cup – it’s sized perfectly to fit on top. Then enjoy the melty goodness.

They’ve even created a video to help you fully enjoy your stroopwafel. Unfortunately the coffee won’t be upgraded to Illy until summer.

And in case you’ve forgotten when you can expect free meals and alcoholic beverages in Economy class, United has a handy dandy chart. (I still remembered being surprised when I flew them during the brief time they charged for alcoholic beverages on flights to Europe)

united economy meal options

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