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There’s a Wine Bar in Anchorage Worth Going To

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And it’s the museum! I love drinking good wine in beautiful locations, but on my trips to Anchorage, that’s usually not possible. Wine, understandably, is expensive and the restaurant selections are typically pricey and limited. So I usually wind up buying so-so bottles at the local grocery store if I want a glass in my room after a long day of siteseeing.

Well on my visit to the Anchorage Museum I saw a happy hour sign outside of their restaurant Muse and after experiencing what might be the worst planitarium movie I’ve ever seen, I thought maybe some wine, even a house wine, would improve the experience.

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credit: Muse

I was not prepared for the beautiful interior lined with wine bottles. I grabbed a seat at the empty bar and admired the oenomatic machines which meant they could afford to serve some nicer bottles.

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And I learned that it’s illegal in Alaska to discount alcohol in bars. So the only happy hour specials were food. Still, they were taking about $5 off the appetizers which was pretty good.

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I ordered the Cripy Buttermilk Fried Shrimp with spicy smoked tomato sauce over fennel salad. They were good. I was a little worried it was over ambitious fancy bar fare, but other than being a little over sauced was nice.

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But I was most excited about their wine list. As the wall of bottles suggested, they have a very extensive wine by the glass and bottle list reasonably priced for Alaska.

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And even better were their wine flight options! I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of the options — there were definitely some standard labels I recognized, but they tended to be on the nicer side.

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When I was there in August they were offering a Spanish wine flight for ~$13 featuring 3 3oz pours of an Albarino, Garnacha, and Tempranillo. I was tempted by that or the Pinot wine flight which included Dutton and Meiomi. But when I saw one of the options of the Mixed Flight ($14), I was sold.

They had a Cab from my favorite Malbec producer — Achaval Ferrer. So I chose the Achaval Ferrer Cab and the Dutton Pinot Noir. I had ordered the Chanson Chardonnay which they were out of, so I went with the Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay ($19 a glass) which was good.

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As all of these wines were at least $15 for a glass, $14 for 9 oz seemed like a bargain.

I will definitely be back! It’s convenient to the Sheraton Anchorage I usually stay at and in the height of summer they offer outdoor seating. Plus if you’re a museum member you get an additional 10% off food.

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  1. This is so very helpful. I love this museum but never knew about the wine bar. You do find wonderful places to enjoy wine as I well recall your recommendation near the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

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