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Yak & Yeti: Fun Food in Anchorage, AK

a bowl of meat and sauce

The last day of my August trip to Alaska I was ready for some different food. I had thoroughly indulged in salmon and reindeer everything and was craving some spice. So I pulled up Yelp and looked at my options, narrowing it down to the BBQ place close to my hotel or the Himalayan/Nepalese on the way to the airport.

I was missing my friends and craving some spice so I checked out Yak and Yeti, the Himalayan place. I was skeptical how good it would be in Alaska, but it was worth a shot. I needed to get to the airport before the restaurant location on Spenard Rd opened, so checked out the cafe in the Title Wave Bookstore on W Northern Lights Blvd.

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It was pretty busy, even at 4PM so I felt a little shy about taking a bunch of closeup pictures, particularly of the chalkboard menu over the register.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant

Their menu is apparently a bit different than the nearby restaurant location and features a bakery reviewers rave about. Unfortunately I wasn’t really hungry yet, so I decided just to try out one of the rice bowls. For ~$8.99 (good for Alaska) you get to pick two curries served in a bowl in basmati rice, you can add a 3rd for a $1 more.

I love Palak Panner (and was craving some veggies) and also picked the Shapta — Tibetan stir fried pork. I also mentioned at the register that I love spice, but as they make it in batches it didn’t make a difference.

a bowl of meat and sauce

It was gloppy looking but good! It was solid Nepalese food, not the best I’ve had, but better than I had anticipated for Anchorage. I would have liked a bit more spice but I think the average diner would be pretty happy. Definitely a good option if you’re looking for slightly different fare.

I will probably come back on my next trip to Alaska and either order more things off the menu or try the restaurant.

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  1. I’ve had very positive experience dining in Anchorage at Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizza on Old Seward Highway. Affordable appetizers, salads and a wide selection of pizzas.

    A popular spot with locals and business travelers. Vast selection of beers and ales brewed on premises. Open late and live music many nights.

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