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Girdwood Restaurants: Breakfast at Girdwood Picnic Club

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Girdwood, Alaska has a surprising number of good restaurants to be so small and I have a new one to add to my list: the Girdwood Picnic Club. I’m pretty partial to Jack Sprat, but they only serve brunch on the weekends which didn’t work for this last visit.

Instead we checked out breakfast at the Girdwood Picnic Club. It was fun and quirky inside and out. Girdwood Picnic Club mural

I loved the varied decor and found the log pillow dividers strangely charming. Water arrived in an old fashioned bottle.Girdwood Picnic Club decor

Girdwood Picnic Club decor

Girdwood Picnic Club decor

Girdwood Picnic Club decor

At 7:30AM we had it almost to ourselves, though it took awhile to have our order taken and for the food to arrive.Girdwood Picnic Club breakfast

In contrast to the delicious diner breakfast the morning before, this menu had many more healthy looking options. I was excited about veggies, but that didn’t prevent me from trying the GPC B-n-G, which was homemade cheddar and green onion biscuits with gravy. Really tasty!Girdwood Picnic Club breakfast

Also enjoyed The Blyss, corn tostadas topped with black beans, spinach, tomato, fried eggs, goat cheese, and salsa. Good, though I would have liked a little more flavor and spice.Girdwood Picnic Club breakfast

We were too early, and not in the mood, but for reference, they also serve a variety of mimosas and have reasonably priced (for Alaska) glasses of wine.


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