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Breakfast in Willamette: Storrs Smokehouse

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There’s no shortage of great breakfast places in Willamette Valley, but there’s a new Newberg restaurant to add to your must visit list!

Storrs Smokehouse (310 E 1st St) in downtown Newberg, has recently expanded their breakfast options to include more than just fantastic biscuits & gravy.

Most of the best breakfast options are located in McMinnville but this past weekend I was looking for something a little closer to the Best Western Newberg and I wasn’t feeling Babica Hen. That’s when I noticed Storrs Smokehouse, the local BBQ joint, opened at 8AM!

There wasn’t much info on their non-BBQ breakfast options other than some photos posted to Yelp and a mention on their Facebook page of “an expanded breakfast menu.” But the pictures I saw looked great and I’m always a fan of good biscuits and gravy, so we decided to chance it.

You could smell wood smoke in the air as you walked up and quick glance at the breakfast menu posted in the window seemed promising. You order at the counter and then seat yourself, so we felt lucky there weren’t many people there.

The menu options change regularly and were different than the menu on the window, but were even more appealing.

Biscuits and gravy were a given, and since they were out of the chicken and waffles, we waffled between the breakfast sandwich with artisan ham and green tomatoes and the hash with brisket. When visiting a BBQ place it seems a crime to not try the brisket, but the sandwich looked too amazing. The staff made the decision easier for us–the gravy already contained brisket and they offered to put a few pieces on the side as well. Done!

Drinks were self-serve from the old fashioned cooler opposite the register. Loved that you could grab bottles of tap water for the table vs going up to a cooler for refills.

Our food came out quickly, large portions and even better flavors than we’d hoped. Brisket was amazing (and growing up in the South I’m an unapologetic BBQ snob.) If you go for lunch or dinner, don’t miss it.

The housemade Sweet Oregon Pinot BBQ sauce was good too.

Definitely don’t miss the ice cream, though post-breakfast wasn’t the ideal time for consuming. They have a variety of fun flavors like pumpkin cheesecake and Nutella french toast plus homemade ice cream sandwiches. We sampled the Vermont Cheddar Apple, unique and savory, but ultimately went for the Bananas Foster which was insanely good.

Like many places in the area Storr’s has a great laid-back vibe with truly friendly staff. And for now, it’s not nearly as crowded as other breakfast destinations tend to be on the weekends.

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