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Great Seafood on the Sonoma Coast

a cup of soup and a bag of chips

I finally made it out to the Sonoma Coast and incidentally discovered the best clam chowder and seafood sandwich I’ve had yet at Spud Point Crab Company in Bodega Bay, CA!a sign on a wall

On a recent weekend jaunt we decided to jump off Hwy 101 around Muir Woods and drive up the coast on Hwy 1. It was a very scenic drive that wound through a range of scenery – tall cliffs with beautiful beaches below, scrubby marshland, California farmland with lots of cows, and quite a bit of roadwork. (Don’t make this trip if you’re in a hurry…traffic light-controlled one-way stretches can have you waiting 10 minutes or more.)

Right around Tomales Bay we passed two extremely popular looking seafood places on the water in Marshall — The Marshall Store, busy before 11AM with folks with folks eating oysters at the roadside tables, and Hog Island Oyster, Co., so packed they had valet parking to accommodate everyone wanting a “shuck-your-own-picnic.”

By the time we all reached Bodega Bay we were all hungry and in the mood for seafood. Based on a quick scan of Yelp and media reviews we decided to pick Spud Point Crab Company, an unassuming little building, next to the less crowded restaurant with a parking lot. Heads up — for Spud Point, you’ll need to find roadside parking. a sign on the side of a road

a store front with a sign and a person standing in front of it

We picked the right place. Not only did Spud Point Crab Company have some of the best seafood I can remember, having arrived a little before noon on a Friday, we had no problem getting seats at the outdoor picnic tables.

Lines can get long during peak times, so consider coming before or after the lunch and dinner rush.

What to order at Spud Point Crab Company

The menu is simple — there are a handful of non-seafood items but most of your options are focused on clam chowder, crab, and shrimp.a blue sign with a red crab on it

Get the white clam chowder. If you like traditional New England clam chowder, Spud Point’s is the best I’ve ever had. Flavorful, packed with clams, not too many potatoes, and a healthy amount of pepper. Note, the cup of soup only comes with a little packet of (stale) oyster crackers, so splurge and spend the extra $3.99 on a loaf of fantastic San Francisco Sourdough bread.

a cup of soup and a bag of chips

pots on a stove
Clam Chowder simmering on the porch
a counter with a sign and a woman behind it
Fresh sourdough

Seafood sandwich. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the fresh shrimp or crab sandwich, so I got the combo. It’s small, you’ll want something more if you’re sharing, but wow! Just wow. A great reminder that if you have fresh seafood cooked well, you don’t need fancy seasonings or accouterments.

a sandwich cut in half

It’s fun sitting outside in the ocean air with other hungry patrons, but be aware there’s not much of a view, particularly if someone decides to park their car along the road in front.a group of people sitting at tables outside a building


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