Best Breakfast in Anchorage: Little Dipper Diner

a plate of burgers on a red and white checkered paper

If you’re visiting Anchorage, no doubt you’ll get many recommendations for Snow City Cafe and other restaurants in the downtown area, but if you’re willing to drive a few minutes south of downtown, you’ll find a pretty amazing diner breakfast at Little Dipper Diner.

I was looking for something convenient on the drive to Girdwood and saw it had good reviews, I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness. It’s in a nondescript shopping center with an unassuming interior decorated with Coca Cola memorabilia. About what you’d expect from a diner. a room with signs and signs on the wall

The service was friendly, the prices were decent (for Alaska), and there were plenty of options. It was my friend’s first visit to Alaska, so of course we had to do something reindeer and I love breakfast sandwiches so the breakfast sliders stood out.a menu of a restaurant

Huge portions! Everything was delicious and tasted really fresh. I find reindeer dishes to be hit or mess, but the reindeer benedict was cooked perfectly. The tater tots were super crispy, just how I like them.a plate of food with a fork and knife

There was nothing mini about the breakfast sliders, and the buns tasted like they had been made that morning.  We could only make it through half of them and a few of the tater tots. Fortunately our hotel would have a fridge so we took the leftovers with us.a plate of burgers on a table

It made for a hearty breakfast, and nothing was too greasy.

Little Dipper Diner is great option for (all-day) breakfast in Anchorage. Nothing fancy, just delicious.

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