Flying into DCA? The Uber/Lyft Pick Up Point Has Moved!

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Quick heads up for anyone flying into Reagan National Airport (DCA)–starting today, March 5, the pick up point for Uber and Lyft at Terminals B and C has moved upstairs to the ticketing level. Passengers flying into Terminal A will not be affected.

This change will be a pain if you check luggage since you’ll now have to haul it over to a elevator and go up two floors (the escalators for each floor are not convenient to each other). Or if you fly in during peak departure times when the curbs are three cars deep. But for those who are carry-on only, it’s just a matter of taking the escalators up instead of down and you won’t be competing for space with everyone else who was on your plane (just those who ride-share).

Ride-share is still a better option than taxis who are known to refuse destinations or claim their credit card machines are broken once you get in the cab. If you’re staying near a metro stop, taking the Metro can be pretty convenient and cost-effective if you’re traveling light.

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