Should You Take Uber Pool or Lyft Line to the Airport if You Have Luggage?

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Crowd-sourcing this question — what is the general rule/etiquette for taking Lyft Line or Uber Pool when you have more than one piece of luggage?

I typically only have my carry on suitcase with me so have had no trouble the few times I’ve opted for the shared ride. When I have more than one bag I’ve always done Lyft or UberX.

But this morning I found myself with an additional small size suitcase (2 total), plenty of time to spare, and a $17 difference between carpooling or riding alone. I really wanted to save some cash, but I didn’t want to annoy my driver or crowd a potentially small car if other riders also had luggage.

The Lyft website instructs drivers to ask the passenger to request a regular ride if they have too much luggage. UberPool FAQs say you need to leave room in the car for another passenger and their stuff. So how much is “too much”? And even if it’s permissible, is it a jerky thing to do?

I didn’t want to spend the morning researching this question so ultimately took a Lyft, and for various reasons, wasn’t able to ask my driver.

What is the appropriate thing to do if you have two reasonable-sized pieces of luggage? Talking about overhead-size suitcases, nothing large.

Can you pay the extra $1-2 for a second passenger to reserve the space for your bag?

Just be willing to sit with one of the bags in your lap  if other people need the space?

Skip carpooling altogether if you have more than one bag?


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  1. My general feelings are one rollerboard + soft sided personal item/carry-on = totally fine to take a Line/Pool. However, if you’re going to be taking up more than half of the trunk space, call a regular Uber/Lyft or, at the very least, request an extra seat in your Line/Pool.

    I did once take an Uber to the airport with a ski bag, which was definitely a regular Uber situation 🙂

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