Crazed Uber Passenger Bites Driver, Slashes Tires

a knife and a pen on a cutting board

Not what I expected to see on Drudge Report tonight — a Florida Uber passenger bit her driver and attempted to slash his tires with a 10 inch kitchen knife after they had a “verbal dispute.” Who carries a a 10 inch kitchen knife??

Madry allegedly “grabbed and scratched†Rolston’s arm before sinking her teeth into the appendage (which reportedly caused “lacerations†that required medical treatment).

Upon exiting the vehicle, Madry hit the driver’s side window with the large knife. She then used the weapon to flatten one of the car’s tires.

In other Uber news, it looks like ride-sharing services in neighboring Hillsborough County are still illegal. Tampa is where I took Lyft for the first time and 10 seconds later was pulled over by the cops.

If you’re not feeling crazy but do need an Uber ride, check out their current credit for existing users: $15 towards your next ride when you pay with a MasterCard and enter promo code PRICELESSUS15.

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  1. Keri,

    You’re aware that Saudi Arabia owns Uber now, the company is based in Bermuda to pay no taxes, they make $0 profit, and yet you jiggle your boobs thinking it’s great. Taxis have protective barriers so that passengers don’t bite or spit on the driver, and carry commercial insurance for the vehicle is a maniac damages any part of their vehicle.. But you think Uber is great in the Generation Snowflake economy.

    How about you shove your commission up your Uber. You’re a prime reason American devalued their FF Mile program, and frankly I’m thankful they did you keep you away. Thanks.

  2. Boo! Got a ‘promotion limit exceeded’ when I tried the MC code. Was so super excited that for the first time ever (first time to me at least) there was a code for existing users. Now I’m sad 🙁

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