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Good Eatin’ In Indian Head, Maryland

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Now that all the great deals on shoes, luggage, and travel accessories are done, I can return to one of my new favorite subjects. BBQ!

A few weeks ago I took a jaunt with friends to Indian Head, Maryland to take in the fall foliage and experience, they claimed, AMAZING ribs.

Potomoc River Indian Head Naval Base

We built up an appetite walking along on the nearby Potomac River and then headed to George’s BBQ (4840 Strauss Ave, Indian Head, MD) arriving about 4PM.

George's BBQ Indian Head MD entrance

Sadly the iconic giant pink pig had burned down and never been replaced, so I wasn’t getting the “full” experience, but at first glance things looked promising.

George's BBQ Indian Head MD interior

George's BBQ Indian Head MD seating

The interior was no-frills, utilitarian furnishings that doubled as storage and picnic benches and mismatched chairs for seating. Often a signal the focus is on the meat rather than the atmosphere. 🙂 The only newish decor was the multiple flat screen TVs broadcasting various football games.

The menu has lots of protein options and sides, but I was advised to save all room for the ribs.

George's BBQ Indian Head MD menu

There were a stream of patrons stopping by to get food to go and whether you eat in or take out, it’s all served in styrofoam containers which save time in the end (since it’s hard to finish in one sitting).

George's BBQ Indian Head MD eat in

I went with the ribs dinner with green beans and mac & cheese as the sides. A bargain at $10.25. Especially since it came with more than 5 gigantic ribs.

George's BBQ Indian Head MD rib dinner green beans mac & cheese

The ribs were some of the best I’ve ever had. Lightly sauced so I didn’t need extra, but not so much it overwhelmed the meat. The green beans were outstanding as was the mac & cheese (way better than what I had at Mojo’s Urban BBQ last week).George's BBQ Indian Head MD Keri digging in

However, they weren’t the best sides. I sampled my friends collard greens, which I usually don’t care for but was pretty excited about. And the baked beans and sweet potato mash really stood out.

George's BBQ Indian Head MD rib dinner beans sweet potato

I don’t know that I would drive out from DC just for the ribs, but if I have any reason to be in Southern Maryland, I’ll definitely be making a detour to George’s BBQ 🙂


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