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Apparently “Burnt Ends” is a Thing

a bowl of meat on a table

I really like good BBQ, so I’m in a little bit of shock it’s taken me this long to encounter “burnt ends†(the crispy, super flavorful point part of a brisket). On the other hand, it’s discoveries like this that fuel my love of travel — “I gotta get out more.â€

Funnily enough, my introduction to this delicacy was not in Austin, TX or any other BBQ center in the South. It was at Mojo no. 4 Urban BBQ & Whiskey Bar, ranked #4 for BBQ on Yelp and on the way to my next stop. It was on a charming bit of St. John’s Avenue, a revitalized little main street in the middle of a residential area with a variety of modern, trendy looking restaurants.

a parking lot with cars parked in front of a building

The outside is very plain, a modest sign and a dim entryway. Inside was quite spacious, and also quite empty for lunch at 11:30 on a Saturday. I was glad for that, with the cement floors and open space I bet it gets quite loud when crowded.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

a bar with shelves of liquor

The menu had a wide variety of options and A LOT of whiskey.

a menu of a restaurant

a menu of a restaurant

a menu on a table

a menu of a restaurant

After ordering the Burnt Ends which I’d never heard of before, I asked the waitress what Mojo was best known for. She recommended the pulled pork and beef brisket and mac & cheese and sweet potato mash for sides.

The Burnt Ends are amazing!! Crispy, charred, moist, and flavorful.

a bowl of meat on a table

The lunch portions are enormous!

a plate of food on a table

The meat was a little dry, but very tender and nice flavor. Not the best I’ve had but definitely good BBQ. The sweet potato mash was very sweet and quite good. The mac & cheese had a crispy herby top, but was my least favorite. It tasted like fake cheese.

a row of condiments on a shelf

There were a variety of sauces – chipotle, mojo, sweet, mustard, and vinegar –mostly mediocre, though fortunately the meat didn’t need much.


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  1. Yes, and similar to rib tips – another off-the-beaten path BBQ indulgence with all the flavor and tenderness your mouth can stand.

  2. As someone who lives in KC I have to second @dave but disagree with @lauren and recommend Oklahoma Joe’s or Kansas city Joe’s or whatever they are calling it now (although jack stack’s beans are so so so good I find their meat dry and their sauce isn’t too my liking). Although Anthony Bourdain recommends LC’s burnt ends… To be honest you would be hard pressed to find bad BBQ in KC. One could spend a whole week going to all the good places (Oklahoma Joe’s is closed on Sunday though as a fyi)

  3. Oh I forgot to mention Oklahoma Joe’s only has burnt ends on certain days so it’s best to call ahead. Also the line can be out the door if you go at the wrong time so if that’s the case when you want to go call in for carry out so you can avoid the line.

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