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Getting from Malpensa to Linate Airport

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My <$300 deal to Sicily involved an airport change in Milan. I had visions of switching trains and overall inconvenience so I was glad I had a 10 hour layover to make sure I had plenty of time. Then I did a little bit of research and discovered it was far more simple than I thought.

Malpensa Shuttle offers bus service between Malpensa Airport (MXP) and Linate Airport (LIN) 5 times a day.

Malpensa Shuttle Timetable MXP to LIN

It’s only €13.00 each way and tickets can be purchased at the bus, in the airport, or online. I worried about booking it online in case my flight got in late, but the time you enter is just a suggestion — you can catch an earlier or later shuttle at any point that day.

So after luxuriating in my upgrade dayroom at the adjacent Sheraton I headed out to catch my bus. They’re located on the arrivals floor, outside between exit 3 and 4. The Linate stop is all the way near the end at Stop 5.

MXP shuttle bus to Linate

I was entertained by the loud hawking of a competing service to central Milan when heading outside. There were buses from two companies waiting, huge crowds, and energetic bus drivers yelling their fare was one Euro less. 🙂

MXP bus area

The ride was pretty painless. We made a few stops along the way, including Malpensa Terminal 2.

MXP Terminal 2 shuttle bus stop

I had hoped that I’d get to see pretty countryside during the hour drive, but alas.scenery from MXP to LIN

I was even more disappointed when I couldn’t even get the free onboard wifi to work.

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