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Catania Airport Lounge and Swiss Economy CTA-ZRH

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Worried about traffic, I arrived at the airport two hours before my flight to Zurich. When I walked in the terminal I was wishing it had been even earlier since the line for check in was already stretching around the terminal and barely moving.

catania airport lines

I was still a Star Alliance Silver and couldn’t remember if that gave me access to the Swiss Business Class lane (which had no one in it), but since I had no internet access I decided it to just suck it up and wait rather than risking my place in line.

Eventually I got checked in and had just enough time to pop up to the Sala Lounge (using Priority Pass Select from my American Express Platinum card) at the end of the terminal to grab some water and a bag of chips.

SAC Club CTA entrance

The lounge was small and basic, offering free internet, beverages, a few snacks, and power outlets. Funnily enough, it was fully of other travelers who had also taken advantage of the <$300 tickets to Sicily.

SAC Club CTA Check In

SAC Club CTA beverages snacks

My departing flight was the one that Jeanne (of Le Chic Geek) was arriving on, but since they routed arriving passengers through immigration I didn’t get a chance to wave hi.

Once on board it appeared that seat assignments might have been random, filling the plane from back to front. I was at least towards the middle of the plane and lucky enough to be in one of the rows where bottles of water had been provided.

Swiss Air Economy CTA-ZRH

Swiss Air Economy CTA-ZRH water

The snack provided on the 2 hour flight was a decent sized sandwich and sweet bun and I was impressed by the attentive service from the flight attendants.

Swiss Air Economy CTA-ZRH sandwich snack

Swiss Air Economy CTA-ZRH sweet

But even with a snack, water, and good service, I was ready for the flight to be over when we landed in Zurich at 10:30 and set out to find the RadissonBlu I was staying at that night.

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