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Sheraton Malepensa Airport: Day Room Upgraded to the Diplomatic Suite

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After whizzing through immigration and customs in MXP, I started looking for signs for the Sheraton Malpensa that was attached to Terminal 1, which was fairly well marked.MXP access to Sheraton Malpensa

You go one level down from the arrivals hall, walk through a tunnel that includes changing art installations.

MXP walkway to Sheraton Malpensa

MXP Art installation

And come out by the train station which is where the Sheraton Malpensa entrance is.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Entrance

It has a large lofty ceiling lobby and lots of seating.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Check in area

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Entrance area

At 8AM, there were already decent size lines, with about 5 people in the Gold & Platinum member line. I was tired and a little worried that my reservation was going to be messed up.

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I had booked the “day room” the previous day. I had seen on the website they were offering day rooms for 76€, but I called customer service to see if I could use points. You can’t use points for a day room, but I could use points (or cash & points) for a reservation the night before and just have them indicate on the record that you’ll be checking in early the next morning and requesting a late check out. That seemed perfect til I pulled up my reservation while I was standing in line and saw it showed I’d be checking in 8AM the previous morning. Yikes.

But check in went smoothly. Actually it went more than smoothly. As she was handing me my key the person helping me told me I’d be upgraded to the Diplomatic Suite and hoped I’d enjoy it, even though it was just for a few hours. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I also had lounge access and they were still serving breakfast.

Feeling much more awake now I headed to my room, which wound up being quite a trek to the far side of the building. The hotel is old construction and features lots of tall ceilings and many empty seating areas.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa levels

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Seating area

Most of the rooms have floor to ceiling windows without much of a view — either facing each other or the airport terminal. And the outside of the building is somewhat stained and peeling. The inside in contrast felt remarkably updated and modern.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge view

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Hallway


The Diplomatic Suite, 1125, was at the end of the hotel building, a few minutes walk from check in and the nearest elevator, but it did mean I would be far removed from much hallway traffic and noise.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite 1125

You walk into a decent size foyer.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite foyer

There’s a nice size guest bath off to the left with features like a heated towel rack, lighted make up mirror and a full assortment of Starwood bath products despite the fact there was no shower or bath tub.MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite guest bath room

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite guest bathroom toilet

The foyer opens into a dining/living area with floor to ceiling windows. There’s a table for 4 with a television. Comfortable couch and beverage area with Nespresso machine and mini-bar.
MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite living room

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite dining

The entrance to the bedroom is located at the back right, interestingly enough with a doorway but no door.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite bedroom entrance

The very modern walk in closet was quite spacious. MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite closet

I loved the design of the open bathroom. Which featured dual sinks, a nice sized soaking tub, a separate room for the toilet and a very open shower.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite bathroom vanity

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite amenities

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite shower

I loved the shower which had plenty of hot water and great pressure, there were a few downsides though. Despite the rippled design of the shower floor which was designed to give traction, the floor was quite slick and being very tired I almost wiped out a few times. The other sub-optimal design was the height of the walls. The spray from the hand held shower head often went over the top dampening the carpet.

But none of these prevented me from enjoying a nice hot shower before climbing into bed for a few hours.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite bedroom panorama

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite TV


The bedroom was nice but unremarkable. A great view of the mountains from one side of the windows and a very comfy mattress.MXP Sheraton Malpensa Diplomatic Suite view

But before I went to sleep I felt the need to check out the club lounge. It was located on the third floor and rather an interesting set up. Rather in the middle of things, half open air, and unmanned, requiring key card access to get in.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge seating area

It looks more like a cafe than a club from the outside so I saw many people confusedly trying to get in until they saw the club sign.

There was only one other couple when I arrived at 9:30 and it looked lightly used that Friday morning. There were only a handful of tables with dirty dishes and the food options were still half full. Katie Perry was playing in the background.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge Dining Area

The hot options included pancakes, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, congee, sausage, and undercooked bacon. The food wasn’t amazing, but there were definitely alot of options.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge Hot Breakfast items

In addition to fruit and cereal (above) there were various charcuterie and cheese.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge breakfast meats

Yogurt and American cereal favorites.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge breakfast cereal yogurt

And quite a few pastry, bread, and sweet options. Even a gluten free array for about 4-5 items.MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge breakfast breads

While I was there, a club attendant came in to freshen some of the food offerings, but otherwise I had it to myself. On the way out I saw the schedule of presentations which were very generous. Breakfast 6-11AM, Finger food lunch options 12-3, Tea time 3-6, and appetizers and wine from 6-11PM.

MXP Sheraton Malpensa Club Lounge scheduleI didn’t have time to check out the workout or pool area, but if I have a layover at Milan again I’m definitely bringing my gear. An odd hotel in design and layout but I really enjoyed it and when I checked out a few hours later to catch the bus to Linate Airport I felt pretty refreshed!

Check rates at this hotel:   SPG.com  |   Booking.com   |   Orbitz   |   Expedia  |   Priceline

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