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Hotel Review: Four Points Sheraton Seattle Airport South

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I booked a quick stay at the Four Points Sheraton Seattle Airport South for my overnight coming back from Alaska. I was landing late and flying out early so I wanted something near the airport and, preferably, not too expensive for a 5 ½ hour stay.

That Tuesday was one of those nights were all the hotels next to the airport were $250+ for average accommodations, but fortunately the Four Points, which was a couple of miles down the road, had cash and points availability.

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Catching the Airport Shuttle

Their website is lacking in directions on how to catch the shuttle, just a mention that it was 24 hours a day leaving every 30 minutes starting on the hour and a phone number. I called as soon as I was off the plane and was instructed to go to the third floor of the parking garage and call back with the number of the island I was on. (If you’re coming from the C/D/N terminal you’ll likely be at 1B).

I do so and was told they’d alert the driver and it would probably take 25-30 minutes for him to arrive. Ugh. But an Uber to the hotel was pricing at around $25 so I decided to wait it out. Luck was on my side and another guest had already called for pick up, so I only waited about 5 minutes for the van and was at the hotel in another 10-15 minutes.

For the return trip there was no problem catching the shuttle at 4:30AM. It arrived 5 minutes beforehand and only had one other person on the van. I could see the limited capacity being a problem during peak hours though, so either plan to leave early for the airport or catch an Uber or Lyft.

The Property

The shuttle dropped off directly in front of the lobby which is modern and two stories tall. There was sports bar off to the right and off to the left was an upscale casino.

I wandered through briefly after settling in to my room. The casino bar and restaurant looked nice for a Four Points and apparently offered a rather extensive Chinese menu. The casino itself was small, only table games, and late on a Tuesday night, quite empty.

But I digress. At 10:30 PM check in was fast and efficient. My Gold status was noted, I chose points for my amenity, and was told I had been assigned a room on the top floor (Yay!)

Finding my room, 729, was not so efficient. If you came off the elevator and saw this sign, which direction would you head?

I incorrectly chose the left and found myself staring at rooms 728 and 730 with nothing remotely close to 729 across the hall. So I retraced my steps in the opposite direction and found myself at the very other end of the hotel floor.

The room, though not a Loft Suite, was huge. Even standing in the darkness before I found where to insert the key card for power, you could tell there was a lot of space.

Great windows, a spacious, though poorly utilized closet/dressing room.

The highlight was the minimalist bathroom which also featured large, floor to ceiling windows.

It was furnished simply with just a bench, a toilet paper holder, and the usual bathroom fixtures. I always seem to get great rooms on my shortest stays.

The one downside to the room? Despite instructions to be sure to use the deadbolt, the deadbolt didn’t really work. It was only by lifting the door up as high as I could via the handle and quickly shooting the bolt that I got it to lock. This is the second or third Four Points I’ve had this problem with.

The property does have an outdoor heated pool and gym but I was more focused on getting sleep than wandering around.

A solid stay and a good deal on cash and points when the airport hotels are pricey!

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