Visiting Seattle? Snoqualmie Falls is Worth the Trek

a waterfall with a lot of water coming out of it

Quick tip: have a little extra time on your next trip to Seattle? 45 minutes outside the city (depending on traffic) is a visit-worthy waterfall: Snoqualmie Falls. Snoqualmie Falls with a house on the side

Snoqualmie Falls is 100 feet higher than Niagara, and though not as broad, just as impressive in its own way.

a sign for a park

It’s pretty at any time, but when I went in February I was lucky enough to go after a recent deluge of rain and snow when the falls were running high. The views defied the rain and fog (though my hair definitely did not).a woman taking a selfie with a waterfall

And it’s very accessible for the non-sporty. There are two viewing options, the upper and lower decks, each a short walk from the parking lot. The upper parking lot offers easier access as well as concessions and gift shops.

a waterfall with a building and trees

a steps with writing on them
Stair art at Snoqualmie Falls

It’s definitely worth taking in the view from both vantage points. If you’re feeling sporty, there’s a half mile, somewhat steep path connecting the two viewing platforms, or you can drive 5 minutes. The trails on the upper viewing decks are fairly kid friendly, though people with mobility issues will find some of them quite steep. Note the lower viewing deck has several staircases.

a group of metal arches
Art & history on the path to lower Snoqualmie Falls

a sign on a wall

a waterfall in the mountains

While you’re out in that direction, be sure to check out the Noodle Boat Thai restaurant for lunch which makes Eater Seattle’s top lists for good reason.

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