Where to Get the Best Views of Seattle

a city skyline at night

Ever seen those beautiful shots of the Seattle skyline with Space Needle in the foreground and mountain in the background? You too can add those perfect shots to your travel pictures.

I’ve visited Seattle many a time and only just now discovered the the location of those amazing pictures: Kerry Park.

a city with a mountain in the background
Kerry Park daytime view of Seattle skyline
a city skyline at night
Kerry Park nightime view of Seattle skyline

Located about a mile north of the Space Needle, this tiny strip of park offers gorgeous, free day and nighttime views of the Seattle with fairly reasonable parking options. Just make sure you get there before it closes at 10PM for the night.

a map of a city

While you’re in the area, head west down W Highland Ave to Betty Bowen Viewpoint to get gorgeous views of Bainbridge Island with mountains in the backdrop.a sign with a body of water in the background a harbor with boats and mountains in the background

Other Great Views of Seattle

Kerry Park is my top pick but I can recommend two other great options for taking in Seattle.

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