New Travel Amenity Favorite: Tarte FRXXXTION

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I’m still catching up on several months of beauty boxes (you might have noticed the reviews have stalled) and just discovered a new favorite travel amenity for extended trips: tarte FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliating Cleanser.tarte frxxxtion exfoliating cleanser stick sephora

A 3-in-1 facial cleanser in stick form.

As I get older, travel is taking a greater toll on my skin and it’s not always convenient to tote a full face care regimen on long trips when I’m only taking a carry-on. That’s why tarte FRXXXTION is so awesome.

  1. It’s tiny and it’s not a liquid. Not only can I tuck it anywhere in my belongings I don’t have to worry about it spilling everywhere.
  2. It’s a mask. My skin needs a little extra help on the road and bringing multiple facial masks (if I could even remember to) just isn’t an option.
  3. It exfoliates. Travel is particularly harsh but using a daily face cleanser that exfoliates would be even more so. This compact option is the perfect solution.
  4. It creates minimal mess. The other thing I really appreciated is the lack of mess during use. It goes on light, with no goop, which means I can potentially even use it in an airport lounge bathroom when freshening up without worrying about drips all over the sink.

One puzzling thing, the image on the Sephora website shows someone’s hands covered in the cleanser, which makes no sense. Part of the appeal is you apply it directly to your face, only using your fingertips to massage it in when ready.

Price: $22 For only 1 oz, that’s not cheap, but it’s long lasting and well worth the convenience.

Where to Buy: Sephora

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