Visiting Seattle? Take a Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

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Seattle has many amazing attractions, but if you’re looking for something a little off the usual tourist trail, consider spending a morning or afternoon at nearby Bainbridge Island. It’s only a 30 minute $8 ferry ride (with free return) and offers amazing views of Seattle.

Keri Seattle Skyline from Bainbridge Ferry

Seattle Skyline from Bainbridge Ferry

Once you land it’s only a short walk to the main area which offers great cafes, galleries, cute shops, tasting rooms, and great restaurants. We started with a coffee and snack at Bainbridge Bakers and then meandered through the stores where I fell in love with the Klimt-like artwork of Brett Varney.

Brett Varney Original Artwork

We made a stop at the Eagle Harbor Wine Company tasting room, which offered 5 generous pours for $5. The wine wasn’t the best Washington has to offer, but it was a fun experience and was an excuse to sit outside.

Eagle Harbor Wine Company Tasting Room Bainbridge

Eagle Harbor Tasting Sheet Bainbridge

We grabbed lunch down a side street at Doc’s Marina Grill overlooking the harbor.

Bainbridge Harbor

Doc's Marina Grill Bainbridge

I was surprised at how good the food was. The fish and chips were light and fresh, the BBQ pork sandwich was more what I would have expected in the South, and the hummus had a delightful kick.

Doc's Marina Grill Entrees

We only spent 4 hours but I could have spent all day!


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