Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker is a Real Thing

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I love visiting aquariums. I don’t know why. I find them fascinating and I can entertain myself for hours by making up conversations that are happening in any particular tank.

And then I discover there is something called a Pacific Spiny Lumpsuckers (don’t be misled by their cute, fairy like apperance) that might be lurking in murky water and I get the same terror as a good horror movie.

Seattle Aquarium pacific spiny lumpsucker 2

So it’s getting double my money’s worth. But don’t get me started on California Sea Cucumbers, which are just gross looking.

Seattle Aquarium california sea cucumber

As you might have guessed by now, I clearly had a fantastic time at the Seattle Aquarium last month 🙂

Among it’s many features is a two story tank which often has a diver in it.

Seattle Aquarium lobby tank

Further along the main building there’s a petting pool of sorts where you can pet starfish and other creatures. That’s also where I saw my first shark egg and learned that it was even possible for sharks to lay eggs.

Seattle Aquarium petting tank

I particularly like the jellyfish circle.

Seattle Aquarium jellyfish

If you’re lucky, you’ll go on a day when the Giant Octopus is pretty active and get to see it being fed.

Seattle Aquarium giant octopus

The tropical fish exhibit is decent, and who doesn’t love watching a bunch of little Nemos playing in the coral?

Outside the main building there’s a surprising number of bird and mammal exhibits, many of them outside.

Seattle Aquarium outdoor tanks


It’s pretty great to stand and watch the otters or seals playing and also have a great view of Puget Sound. 🙂Seattle Aquarium otter

One of the other cool exhibits is the old-fashioned underwater viewing dome featuring marine life native to the area.

Seattle Aquarium underwater viewing

And if you get hungry while you’re there, the cafe on the second floor features outdoor seating with great views. The food looked good and was priced pretty reasonably, so I grabbed some Caesar salad and bacon chowder for $6.40 and enjoyed the sunshine.

seattle aquarium cafe lunch view

Seattle Aquarium chowder salad lunch combo

At $22 for adults it’s rather pricey and there’s no AAA or other discounts that I could find. BUT it is included on the CityPass or if you hold a Seattle library card you can get free tickets when booked in advance.

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