Lounge Access Through AAA Rewards Program

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I personally am not a fan of AAA’s new reward program, AAA Discount & Rewards. Like Verizon’s new loyalty program it duplicates alot of existing offers without adding much value.

But I had a shock when I checked out The Club at PHX last week, does AAA Discount Rewards offer lounge access?

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I looked into it and discovered they offer $5 off access to The Club locations. So not free, and not special (since anyone can pay for access to The Club Lounge. BUT $5 is $5, so if you were going to go anyway…And if you were wondering, admission through Priority Pass is $27, free for Priority Pass Select members.


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  1. Hi there,

    i guess you have a small type in your post. For Priority Pass holders visit is also free and or 27 USD. First it depends what priority pass plan you have and second how you got your priority pass. You can get the priority pass with free visits with foreign credit cards. I do have both the Priority Pass and Priority Pass select and neve paid for any visit.

  2. Or you could just buy UA or AA lounge passes for $10 on ebay and save $17 per person. Of course, that requires doing something in advance of travel…

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