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A Visit to the Only Airport Lounge in BWI

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My mileage run last weekend had me flying out of BWI for the first time in probably a decade. It felt a little funny that one of my nearest airports was less familiar to me than, say, the Omaha Airport. As I was doing some research to see if they had a TSA pre-check lane (they did), I also saw there was only one airport lounge – the Airspace Lounge — and that Jeanne had been pretty happy with her experience awhile ago.

Fortunately admission is free for American Express Platinum and Centurion card holders and up to two guests (I guess my card isn’t totally worthless for lounge access). I was intrigued by their pricing structure though. It’s $20, but prices go up during peak times in line with demand. US Military get discounted entry, as do arriving red-eye passengers (who also get a free shower and clothes pressing).

Airspace Lounge Price Options

On Foursquare, one of the tips from 2011 indicated members of other airline lounges can show their membership cards to get a $3 discount, but no idea if that’s still valid. Admission comes with a $7 credit which can be used towards food or premium beverages – enough to cover to make most items free.

Airspace Lounge BWI entrance card

The card also gets you entrance to any of the three lounges in Baltimore, Cleveland, and JFK Terminal 5 for the date of purchase.

So now that the details are covered, I can get to my experience.

Airspace Lounge BWI Entrance Terminal D

The Lounge is located in Terminal D, right next to the Dunkin Donuts. They have kiosks immediately in the entrance to purchase admission, but they were out of service while I was there. No big deal since there were only about 5 other people in the lounge at 5:30AM and the space was small enough the attendant had no problem handling the desk and food/beverage orders.

Airspace Lounge BWI interior

It was quiet and brightly lit. The tables and couches don’t have many electrical outlets located near them, but there is a 2 sided counter with lots of places to plug in.

I snagged a free mug of Peet’s coffee (though I liked the compact soda dispenser) and headed for a table to peruse the menu.

Airspace Lounge BWI Free Peets coffee tea

Airspace Lounge BWI soda dispenser

They had a fairly wide range of appealing snack items and a decent lineup of wine, beer, and liquor (particularly for an airport lounge).

Airspace Lounge BWI food menu Airspace Lounge BWI wine options Airspace Lounge BWI Beer Menu Airspace Lounge BWI drink menu

I noticed that food could be purchased to go, and since I wasn’t quite hungry yet I asked for the Breakfast sandwich. 10 minutes later it was brought to me in a cute paper bag with a complimentary mini bottle of water and napkins.

Airspace Lounge BWI Food to Go

Airspace Lounge BWI Breakfast Sandwich to go

At this point it was time to board, so I grabbed a cup of tea to go this time and headed out. During the 30 minutes I was there about 3 or 4 more people wandered in and out, so it stayed quiet and spacious feeling. If it gets as busy as other airline lounges during peak times though, it will definitely feel crowded!

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