New AMEX Offer: Buy an Amazon Prime Membership for $99+, Get 5000 Membership Rewards Points

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If you have an American Express card, check your AMEX Offers. This deal just popped up in my Slickdeals feed. Users are reporting a new AMEX Offer: Spend $99 on Amazon Prime Membership and get 5,000 Membership Reward Points.

Unfortunately my one Membership Rewards AMEX, the Platinum biz card, was not targeted, so I can’t see all the details. If you were, please feel free to send me some screen shots or the terms and conditions and I’ll update the post.

From the thread it looks like:

  • It’s not valid on discounted memberships such as monthly Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Fresh, Prime Video or Prime Student.
  • The offer does not work on $99 Amazon gift card purchases.
  • If you’re already a member, you might be able to gift yourself an Amazon Prime Membership and exchange it for a gift card. Your results may vary, so don’t purchase anything you wouldn’t otherwise want. 🙂
  • People are reporting offer expiration dates from 1/31/18 to 3/2/2018.

And if you already have a membership, but were targeted for the offer, might be useful to check the Slickdeals thread for updates on which approaches are successful.

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