Good Price on 6700mAh Anker Portable Charger & Other Deals

a black power bank with a white background

Amazon has the 6700mAh Anker Astro E1 Ultra Compact Portable Charger with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology for only $13.19 (how’s that for a mouthful?) h/t: Slickdeals. Typically it goes for $17-$22, and this is the lowest price I’ve seen, as long as you want it in black.a black power bank with a white background

In the past, I’ve mentioned portable chargers being one my must-haves when traveling, but they’ve been come even more essential recently. The recent iOS updates, increased reliance on transportation and airline apps, and taking photos almost exclusively with my smart phone now drain my battery within a few hours, which is particularly a problem when flying airlines *cough American* that have no inflight power outlets. The external battery keeps me powered up without having to be chained to a charging station during layovers.

You should evaluate your own power usage when choosing what capacity you need, as well as how much additional weight you can carry. The larger power banks are useful for powering multiple devices but can be heavy and take up a bit of space. I personally recommend getting a powerbank that can charge your phone at least twice before needing to be plugged in, ensuring you can stay productive the whole day.

Good deals on external batteries tend to come up frequently, so if this one doesn’t fit your needs, just wait a little while for the next option. 🙂

And while we’re talking about Amazon deals, there are also a couple of good gift card discounts:

  • $5 off a $50 Lyft egift card
  • $7.50 off a $50 iTunes egift card


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