Price Drop: Amazon Beauty Sample Box Now $7.99, with $7.99 Purchase Credit

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Amazon has reduced the price of their Women’s Daily Beauty Sample Box to $7.99, with a purchase credit of $7.99. It’s also unclear if the purchase credit is $7.99 or is still the original $11.99, as denoted by the website and check out page.

Does this mean $11.99 or $7.99? Probably not both.

Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing until the box ships in the next two weeks.

UPDATE: I received a shipping confirmation and follow up email confirming I had $11.99 in purchase credit.

So only buy if it’s worth it to you at the lesser amount. The box contains 10 samples and makes for a nice stocking stuffer:

The Women’s Luxury Beauty Sample Boxes and Men’s Luxury Grooming Boxes (with credit equal to purchase price) are also on sale when you clip the 15% off Luxury Beauty coupon. The coupon is one-time use only though, so I suggest waiting to use the coupon until you’re ready to use your purchase credit to towards a full size item to maximize the savings. 

Men’s Luxury Face & Hair Care Box, $16.99
Men’s Luxury Skin Care & Shaving, $19.99

Women’s Luxury Daily Beauty Box, $19.99
Women’s Luxury Anti-Aging Box, $19.99
Women’s Luxury Skin Care Box, $19.99
Women’s Luxury Sun Care Box, $14.99

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