2 Days in Sicily: JFK Flagship Lounge

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A month ago a deal for New York to Sicily came up for under $300 so I jumped at the chance. It was all in coach and had some weird airport connections, but it was a rare opportunity and I figured it would be worth it. Unfortunately the available dates came at a busy time at work, so I was only able to book a trip that gave me 2 days/2 nights there.

I made the first flight of DCA-JFK-MXP-LIN-CTA itinerary just fine and decided to spend the 3 hour layover in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge at JFK. Though I wasn’t flying in business or First Class, Executive Platinum and One World Emerald members (including US Airways Chairmen) are welcome when flying internationally.

JFK Flagship Lounge Admirals Club

It’s a “lounge within a lounge” located in the Admirals Club just inside Terminal 8 security. I’d last visited the Flagship Lounge enroute to Easter Island last year and didn’t find it greatly changed.

With one exception. In addition to walking you to the Flagship Lounge door, they now had a higher tech option in the form of an access card you swipe and then surrender to the attendant.

JFK Flagship Lounge Access Card

I showed up around 2:30, apparently right as lunch service was ending. When I say “right as” I mean they were removing the food all around me in preparation for tea service. Luckily I was able to dish up some salad, cheese, and white bean salad, before it was removed, but I missed out on the cold cuts, bruschetta, and tapenade.

JFK Flagship Lounge Salad Soup Lunch

The tea service they set out was very pretty with it’s various pastry options and artistic sandwiches, but much heavier, so I was happy I’d arrived when I did.

JFK Flagship Lounge Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

JFK Flagship Lounge Afternoon Tea Scones

JFK Flagship Lounge Afternoon Tea Pastries

The beverage selection was decent, and far better than most domestic airport lounges.

JFK Flagship Lounge Beverages

I chose the Gloria Ferrer Sparkling to toast my vacation.

JFK Flagship Lounge Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine

View from the Wing just did a great write up of the lounge and I found it much the same. Traffic was light when I arrived at 2:30, but it began filling up around 4PM as everyone arrived for their European flights.

JFK Flagship Lounge Computer Area

The lounge does have a relaxation area with reclined chairs and one shower room. The bathrooms are basic with barely enough room in the stalls to change clothes. No amenities such as lotion, etc to speak of.

They do make announcements about boarding, but I left a little early to see if any Main Cabin Extra seats had opened up on my flight. They hadn’t. 🙁


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