Visiting Denver? Look for the Giant Pencil

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It was one of those moments. Long time readers will know I’m strangely drawn to (well execuited) roadside kitsch and randomness. This summer there was Foamhenge and Dinosaurs in the Civil War. And I’m still feeling pouty it wasn’t possible to fit a trip to the Idaho Potato Museum when I visited Idaho for the first time.

Downtown Denver has a 15 story No. 2 Pencil!!!

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

During breakfast in the Hyatt Regency lounge, travel friend Scott pointed out what appeared to be a smokestack painted to look like a giant pencil. I was immediately enchanted.

Giant Pencil Denver zoom

I hadn’t seen it from my room on a lower floor because of all the tall buildings and I wondered if it was visible from the ground. So during a lunch break I made my local colleague go for a stroll with me. Sure enough, by the Aloft on 15th & Stout we could get a little closer and I was able to get a picture with it.

Denver Giant Pencil Keri

Closeup of Denver's Giant Pencil

Closeup of Denver’s Giant Pencil

If you really want a good picture, based on Google Maps it looks like 15th & Champa is the best spot. And if you’re even more excited by randomness than I am, you might enjoy the Instagram video of the eraser being painted.


A video posted by @tendollar_bill on

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