Iguazu Falls: Rainbows & Butterflies [Pictures]

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My trip to Iguazu Falls last month far exceeded any expectations I had! It was magical, the dozens of falls were breathtaking, there were the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen, and even butterflies floated along the paths like falling leaves.

Unlike the US you have pretty unrestricted access to the falls and on the Argentinian side there are three trails you can walk to get views from all possible sides.

Iguazu Falls lower trail view rainbow

My tips for first time visitors will be coming soon but since I’m currently stuck overseas without a working laptop (and thus unable to write long posts) I will share with you some of my favorite views! Hope you enjoy and apologies in advance for any formatting issues!

View from the Ecological Adventure Speedboat

View from the Ecological Adventure Speedboat

Iguazu Falls lower trail view

Iguazu Falls rainbow lower trail

Iguazu Falls Upper Trail Panorama

Iguazu Falls San Martin Island

Iguazu Falls Upper Trail full Rainbow

Iguazu Falls Upper Trail neon Rainbow


View of Devil's Throat (top of the falls)

View of Devil’s Throat (top of the falls)

Birds in the mist at Devil's Throat

Birds in the mist at Devil’s Throat

Sunset from the Sheraton Iguazu Falls

Sunset from the Sheraton Iguazu Falls

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  1. Michael

    October 6, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Can’t wait for your tips as I want to take my jaded 12 year old twins to see the falls (and put down their devices)

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