Foamhenge is Actually More Fun Than Stonehenge

a stone structure in a grassy field

I was on a windy sunny hillside, staring at the iconic shapes in front of me. Shapes that were now more white than gray, their massive exterior now worn by weather, exposing the styrofoam interior.

stone pillars on a hill

That’s right, I finally made it to Foamhenge!

a woman smiling at camera

An exact replica of Stonehenge, down to the astronomical positioning, but made of foam and located in Natural Bridge, VA. I love Americana kitsch. Not all kitsch, but high quality road trip cheesiness. I’d heard about Foamhenge for years and finally found myself in the area, so a visit was a must!

Unless you know what to look for, it’s not easy to find. About a mile south of the Natural Bridge petting zoo on Hwy 11 you’ll see some white fencing, a gate, likely closed, and a rough clay road. Park by the side of the road and head through the pedestrian opening.

a white fence and gravel road

Walk a little ways and head towards the left, that’s when you’ll see the discrete stone/foam sign that lets you know you’re on the right path.

a dirt path with trees and grass

a stone sign in a grassy field

a stone with a message on it

The stones were originally gray and carefully sculpted to be an exact replica of the original. Now weather and humans have made their mark over the last decade and it’s not quite as impressive as it once was. But still a lot of fun.

a sign on a bench in front of a grassy hill

a stone structure in a grassy field


a group of white rocks in a field

a stone structure with a row of rocks

a woman standing next to a stone archway

a woman standing in front of a group of large rocks

The creator’s quirky spirit pervades the place, particularly with signage.

a sign on a fence

And the second theory on Stonehenge’s origin.

a sign on a rock
Theory 1: the traditional explanation
a statue of a woman on a rock
Theory 2: Merlin

If you’re interested in going, you better hurry! Turns out right around the time I visited was when the news broke that the partnership is over and Foamhenge must find a new home by August 1.

It is not worth a special trek to see it, but if you’re anywhere near (like an hour or so) definitely go. Foamhenge has no admission fee and it appears to be open during daylight hours. And make a stop at Blue Sky Bakery in Lexington, VA enroute to pick up some nicely priced, amazing focaccia sandwiches or pizza.


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  1. Shocker: This is acutally click bait!
    Shocker its called Foamhenge on Google Maps.

    But still an interesting place I would like to visit.

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