Idaho City in Pictures

a woman standing in front of a building

One of my most recent trips was a first time jaunt to Idaho which included time in Idaho City.

Idaho City had been described to me as a semi-ghost town so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Whatever I expected, it wasn’t enough. It is inhabited. By quite nice people, actually. Just not a lot of them, and half the town is historic structures. I think the pictures capture it better than my words can, so I’ll try to keep my commentary brief.

a building with a tree in front of it
Idaho City’s iconic Sluice Box

BUT I do have to talk about the awesome tour I had of the Boise County Offices. Housed in a former saloon, dance hall, and bank, history that would be behind glass on the East Coast are part of the daily routine!

a car parked in front of a building

a window with a sign on it
One of the original windows

I loved that some meetings are held behind the original bar of the saloon! No alcohol, but some of the original stuffed game featured in the original photos. That deer in the corner had quite the stink eye.

a man working at a desk in a building

a room with chairs and art on the wall
Photos of the original saloon on the wall

You pay taxes here.

a door to a store

And the best part – I got to go into the vaults where the very old records are kept.

a woman in a blue dress standing in a doorway of a bank

a room with shelves of books

a row of books on a shelf

Across the street I got another thrill at the Boise County Courthouse.

a woman standing in front of a building

a room with benches and a man sitting in the back

I got to sit in the very ornate witness chair (which has you pretty much sitting in the jury’s lap) and at the judge’s desk in Idaho’s oldest operating courthouse.

a room with a podium and chairs

a group of books on a table
They still have all the hand written accounts of the various trials through the centuries.

a piece of paper with writing on it
Handwritten account of the Herman St Clair case

If you make it there, be sure to check out the painting in the entry.

a painting of cowboys on a wall

a painting on a wall
“The legend of the hanging of Herman St Clair, as told from the liars’ benches of Idaho City.”

One block over you have the Pest House and County Jail, examples of private housing, and even the Territorial Penitentiary – much smaller than the one I saw in Laramie last year.

a wooden building with a sign on the side

a sign on a wood wall

a woman in a blue dress standing in a doorway of a wooden building

a stone sign with text on it

Do those doors into nothing, like this one on the oldest Masonic Temple in Idaho, scare anyone else?

a wooden building with a staircase

On the hill overlooking the town is a beautiful little Catholic church and the Oddfellows Hall, (great name, not sure why I hadn’t heard of them before).

a woman standing on stairs outside a white church

a sign on a wood wall

There is more to see in Idaho City, though not a whole lot more. But if you’re driving by definitely make a stop to check out the history. 🙂

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