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Awash in Fun: Whitewater Rafting IV Rapids In Idaho

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I don’t really think amazing white water rafting rivers when I think of Idaho. And actually, other than beautiful scenery, desert, and potatoes, I never really knew what to think of Idaho. Now I know it’s a place I need to visit. Often. Other than than the lack of cell service and internet, I was pretty enthralled. Particularly with the rafting.

South Fork Payette River near Banks ID

The South Fork of the Payette River near Banks, ID offers some amazing scenery and a couple of class IV rapids. If you have the time and the interest, particularly if visiting in the summer, it is worth doing.

South Fork Payette River rapids near Banks, ID

Since I wasn’t able to take my camera in the raft to get pictures of the velvety hills, tall timber, or astonishingly white sand bars, I’ll just share these two taken by Bear Valley Rafting Co.

This is probably what much of my experience was like.

Bear Valley Rafting Banks ID Keri South Fork

Looking goofy in the front left

This is how I remember most of it. 🙂

Bear Valley Rafting Banks ID Keri waves

Submerged in the front

Sitting in the front was a blast, but we seemed to always be going through the rapids my side first! I was nervous in advance — it’s been nearly 15 years since I last rafted and I’m more accustomed to East Coast rivers — but it was nothing but fun once we were in the boat. And it turns out the designed-to-be disposable Nectar sunglasses I got in my last Cairn box were perfect for the trip (though not exactly my most stylish look).

Bear Valley Rafting Banks ID picnic area

Bear Valley Rafting picnic area

Bear Valley Rafting Banks ID picnic

Was impressed by Bear Valley Rafting too. Had a great guide who kept it lighthearted but safe. Their office location features a shady picnic area and the General Store next door has a fun little cafe with happy hour specials perfect for a post rafting toast.

Banks ID General Store Whitewater Rafting parking

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