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Fireman’s Relish & Other Crazy Good Ice Cream

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Another Northern Virginia-centric post, so Shenandoah winetasters and Skyline Drive visitors take note! I just had some of the best ice cream of my life.

C & C Frozen Treats Front Royal interior

C & C Frozen Treats on Main Street in Front Royal, VA is worth a stop. They feature exquisite executions of traditional flavors as well as some experimental options as well. Definitely look for any of the unusual flavors like Fireman’s Relish and the spicy options like Hot Tamale which starts out sweet and burns a warm trail down your throat. The homemade concoctions have a texture half italian ice, half ice cream, and the flavors are unbelievably on point.

C & C Frozen Treats Front Royal flavors

It was a hot day so I went with refreshing Pink Grapefruit (which was marvelous) and Cantaloupe which tasted like someone picked the freshest, ripest canteloupe in the field and magically turned it into ice cream.

C & C Frozen Treats Front Royal Cantaloupe Ice Cream

I had a quick chat with the owner William Huck who is both inspired and friendly, making the experience pretty special. He views his creations much like wine making or art — choosing flavors that pair well with other foods (and wine). They encourage tasting lots of samples before you pick, in fact, they require you to taste at least 3 other flavors before you’re allowed to order chocolate or vanilla.

C & C Frozen Treats Front Royal menu

Better yet, it’s (deliberately) affordably priced so even a family of 5 can all get giant scoops for under $20. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.

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