2 Tips for Visiting Luray Caverns

a cave with stalactites and stalagmites

This past weekend I had a chance to relive one of my childhood vacations and return to Luray Caverns. I didn’t remember much about them except I was impressed at some point there were formations that looked like fried eggs and some kid named Fraser kept wandering from the group (his mom’s yells of “FRAAASER” were echoing around the whole time).

I was a little worried that they would be rather depressing as an adult, which is even more of a letdown when you’re spending $26 per person on admission.

a group of people in a cave

I needn’t have worried. In fact, I think I could appreciate Luray Caverns far more as an adult. I’ve seen many caves and formations around the world, and these are extensive and breathtaking! The only slight letdown was the Great Stalacpipe Organ which reminded me more of a xylophone than an organ (later I found out it’s actually a lithophone).

a piano in a cave
Luray Caverns’ Great Stalacpipe Organ
a cave with stalactites and stalagmites
One of the Great Stalacpipe Organ “pipes”

The shallow underground lake which mirrors the ceiling perfectly is mind blowing.

a cave with stalactites and water
Luray Caverns’ Underground Dream Lake

a cave with stalactites and water

You cover a little over a mile in 45-60 minutes. Definitely worth a visit if you’re out in the Shenandoah.

a sign in a cave
Luray Caverns’ Wishing Well

a underwater view of a rock with coins and money

Or maybe it’s just because at the very end of the tour I got to see the petrified fried eggs I remembered so well 🙂

a close-up of a cave

I just happened to hit things right on my trip so here a two tips that can help make the most of your visit.

Luray Caverns Discount Tickets: Get a Bonus Card or Buy in Advance on AAA.com

a screen with a green screen

I assumed discounts would be available everywhere, but nothing specific was listed on the Luray Caverns website except for the Giant Supermarket Bonus Card discount. Which is interesting, since there isn’t a Giant or Martin’s Supermarket within 20+ miles. But redeeming is easy. Stop at a Giant if you don’t already have a card (you do need a physical card, not just your phone number), then present that card when buying tickets and you’ll get 50% off your second admission ticket.

After reading an old TripAdvisor post it sounded like there was a $2 discount with AAA membership, but when we inquired at the ticket office no such thing existed. Afterwards I did more research and there is $5.50 AAA discount, but only on tickets purchased in advance on AAA.com and shipped to you. So either get a Bonus Card or plan ahead and buy tickets well in advance.

When to Arrive at Luray Caverns

Our scheduled required us to be there right when they opened at 9AM on Saturday, and that wound up perfect. You really want to be on the very first tour of the morning if at all possible.

a group of people in a cave

There’s something wonderful about having the caverns all to yourself and being able to spend as much or as little time as you want without hearing people in front of you. It was only at the very end of the tour that we started to hear the group coming up behind us and the noise of people waiting at the beginning of the tour.

a building with a flag pole and people walking around

And by the time we came out of the tour just an hour later, the line was already winding outside in the summer heat. Something you want to avoid if possible!

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